Didn’t I just do these dishes? A mother’s work is never done.
Motherhood is great. I love it. But sometimes it can get to be a little bit too much, right? No matter how much you do, there’s always more to do. It can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out. It’s ok to admit it, I’m not judging.

What if I told you that I could give you more energy, alleviate stress and pain, and even help clear the mental fog (aka Mommy Brain)?
And that’s just for starters! How about more flexibility, less anxiety, and even deeper sleep? Whaaat? Yup. Still, the tip of the iceberg…

A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy is here to help you do all this and more.
This isn’t just any old massage. This is a massage that helps you get the pampering you so want and the actual therapy you need to fix the issues in your tissues. Because let’s be honest, we’re moms and we don’t have time to waste.

Photo credit: Carla Perez of Besame Mucho Photography

Here’s what you can expect from your Massage Therapy Session:

  • A warm, and friendly Massage Therapist (*ahem* that would be me) who understands your needs and will listen and address your concerns.
  • A calm, cozy, and inviting environment complete with ambient music and lighting
  • A comfortable, heated Massage Table with an uber soft Boiance face cradle (Seriously.This thing has 6 aqua spheres surrounded by memory foam!), and luxurious linens.
  • Deliciously steamy towels to help melt away that stubborn muscle tension
  • And of course, a completely customizable Massage Therapy session. You can choose from 30-120 minutes of hands-on time. You can choose a purely relaxing light Swedish Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage, or my specialty: something in between!

I will personally show you how to get the most out of each massage.

Everyone is different. Your session and game plan should be just as unique as you are. I will make sure you know how to maintain your results with a comprehensive assessment, self-care tips, and personalized recommendations for future visits.

If you don’t take care of yourself now, you’ll just put yourself on the bottom of your neverending to-do list…and that’s how you got here in the first place.

Let’s be honest, here. From a very young age, we as women learn that above all else, our family always comes first. Even if it means that you remain depleted in every sense of the word. The problem with that is that if you never take care of yourself, you will fall apart. And then who is going to take care of them?  Let me be clear. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s necessary! You deserve and need to be on that priority list, too. So, do everyone a favor, and book now, k?

Photo credit: Carla Perez of Besame Mucho Photography

I’m Priscilla Davis and I’m the Massage Therapist and Owner of A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy. I’m a Special needs mom, wife to a Corrections Officer, and really busy lady. Massage Therapy has changed my life and now I want to share that same gift with moms like you.

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