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I’m Priscilla Davis, a Certified Massage Therapist for over 7 years now. But before that I became a mother to a beautiful little angel named Emma. Emma surprised us with an extra chromosome #21, also known as Down syndrome. Down syndrome doesn’t define our daughter or our family but it does come with challenges sometimes. As a mother of this little diva, I’ve got my hands full just like most moms do. I’m also a wife to a wonderful husband who happens to be a Corrections Officer. Yeah, that’s stressful sometimes. Overall, we’re one happy little family of 3. At least until I can convince my hubby to let Johnny Depp move in with us! HA! Jk…sort of…

I became a Massage Therapist because I was always good at massaging friends and I thought maybe I could make a career out of this! And it turned out to be one of my life’s greatest passions! ( I guess singing can take a backseat…for now. LOL) It never occurred to me that receiving massages would change my life, but it did! I went from being a burnt-out, frazzled mommy, to feeling like my old self again! Isn’t that who we want our families to know? Our true selves? Not this shell of a version of you but a joyful, energized, and present you? Well, that’s how A Mother’s Touch came to be. I wanted to tell all the moms about how great massage is for us!

Some random facts about me: I have a MAJOR sweet tooth! I used to be a Dental Assistant many moons ago. I love crystals, sage, and anything “woo-woo” and hippie. I love chocolate and tacos and am currently obsessed with Bob’s Burgers. I am really warm, bubbly, and goofy. I love being social in small doses. My idea of heaven is hanging out at home in my pj’s, wrapped up burrito style in a blankey, with some sort of warm beverage close by. I speak fluent Sarcasm and hablo Espanol pero no muy bien. Lo siento. My Spanglish is on point though!

Most important facts I think you should know about me: I love helping people and I’m a stickler for ethics so I will always make decisions based on what is right.

Ok, now for the boring (but totally important) stuff: (Pssst! For your safety, always ask practitioners for this info before letting anyone work on you!)


  • Graduated UEI Massage Program 2010
  • California Massage Therapy Council Certified ID #15946
  • Insured by and Certified Member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
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