January. It’s that time of year when everything is shiny and new and we feel like we get a clean slate! WOOHOOO!!

Call me crazy but I hate New Year’s Resolutions! Let me rephrase that. I hate all the pressure that comes with New Year’s Resolutions. Like from one day to the next we expect to wake up a whole new person. Like, all of a sudden my love (OK OBSESSION!) of Flaming Hot Cheetos, street tacos, and cheesy nachos is supposed to magically be gone! NEWS FLASH!


I understand the need to make improvements on ourselves. I really do. But you and I know that these types of resolutions don’t last long. Seriously! Did you know that January 17th is National Ditch Your Resolutions Day? Well, that didn’t last long.

I just think that making all these radical changes is realistically¬†speaking, not sustainable. I think if you’re going to make a resolution, make it a point to check in with yourself regularly to make sure you’re on track to meeting your goals. Go ahead and dream big! But break that big goal down into smaller actionable milestones. Work backward and step by step and make it a point to take those steps all the time. Not just at the beginning of a new year. Instead of putting all this unnecessary pressure on yourself, give yourself some wiggle room and time to work on your goals all the time. Reflect on the past and use it to guide you forward.

So here’s what I’m proposing. Let’s ditch the “New Year, New¬†Me” bit. Instead, take a look at yourself in the mirror and say,”I love me. Just as I am. I am not perfect and that’s perfectly ok. Because I love me, I am going to ditch soda [or insert some other small step toward your big goal here] today. I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to be happy”


That’s just an example, of course. Do whatever works for you. And whatever your dreams and goals are, I hope you make it happen. One step at a time. And please remember that your self-worth isn’t dependent on meeting these goals. You are working towards these goals because you are worth it.

If you would like to make getting better sleep, having less stress, reducing pain, and/or getting more active a part of your goals, consider making Massage Therapy a regular habit. Massage has an incredibly long list of benefits and can help support you in meeting lots of goals. Each session is complete with an assessment of your goals to help make each session customized to your specific needs. Book your session online now!

Priscilla Davis is a Certified Massage Therapist and Owner of A Mother’s Touch Massage Therapy. She is passionate about helping and empowering women, especially mothers through massage, self-care, and sharing her own life experiences. Priscilla is raising a tween diva with Down syndrome with her loving husband of 9 years. She is addicted to facebook, loves gifs, chocolate, and Johnny Depp.


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